JAVCA recognizes the professionals who have stood out in different personal and professional aspects linked to our Javerian values with the JAVCA AWARD 2021 in the following categories

* ARTS JAVCA (Writer, poet, painter, performer, comedian, cultural leader)

* ENTREPRENEUR JAVCA (entrepreneur, investor or start-up)

* ACADEMY JAVCA (Student, researcher, teacher)

* PHILANTHROPIST JAVCA  (philanthropist, volunteer. Community support, social leader)

* PROFESSIONAL JAVCA  (Employee, Corporate Leader)

 Thank you for having helped us nominate your favourite XAVERIAN in Canada, it was thanks to you that we can now recognize their work, career and effort.



Here are the nominees and the winners of the JAVCA AWARD 2021 


(Student, researcher, teacher)

Benjamin Herazo  

"He is a “Javeriano” who from Canada continues to work for his country. He works on research projects with the University of Montreal to develop a partnership with Javeriana University."  

Gonzalo Lizarralde  

"Gonzalo has been a brilliant academic with an exceptional career, based on his intellectual production (books - articles etc.), awards and international recognition. Senior lecturer at the University of Montreal School of Architecture."

Alex Jadad (winner 2021)  

"He has been called a 'human Internet', as he follows a ‘high-touch’ and ‘high-tech’ approach to identifying and connecting the best minds, the best knowledge and the best tools across traditional boundaries to enhance the capacity of humans to create and promote new and better approaches to healing, working, loving and learning around the world. "


(entrepreneur, investor or start-up)

Claudia Gamboa She created  in Montreal a super cozy space, well decorated and with a varied menu.”  As a business owner, she is in charge of preparing many of the meals she offers, such as coffees, desserts, cakes.

 During the pandemic, she figured out how not to close her business and although, it was extremely hard all that time, she managed to continue offering excellent service to her clients. That is why she deserves that award.

Ángela Sierra  

"She founded and directed the LatinArte foundation since 2008. she is a member of the Montreal arts council and is one of the most influential Latinas in Canada. Angela promotes and leads the Latino art movement in Montreal from Maison de las Ameriques"

Henry López  

"He created his advisory firm on tax, accounting, and payroll more than ten years ago. He has successfully offered his professional services to individuals, businesses, and small and medium-sized corporations, helping his clients grow in their productive projects. Initially in Burlington and Oakville and now with a presence throughout the GTA and other Canadian provinces." 

Nohora Martínez  

"Migrated to Canada In 2003 with the dream of homologating her dental degree. For a foreign professional without English, without family and without knowing anyone, it was a challenge. But Nohora is tireless; her tenacity and desire to realize her dreams gave her strength. And courage. Today she directs the Riverpark Dental clinic with six dentists and specialists and a team of 25 people. She offers almost all types of dental procedures to more than 9,000 patients"

Maribel Carrillo  

"She managed to obtain her license as a dentist in Canada after going through a long and complicated process that few managed to complete. Maribel has already opened her private dental office in Calgary."

Juan D Cajiao  (winner 2021)  

"He quit his job in a bank to pursue his dreams as a comedian and speaker, thus becoming an international, bilingual, and award-winning comedian. He has performed in over 500 shows in 12 countries and has collaborated with the best comedians in the industry."


(Writer, poet, painter, performer, comedian, cultural leader),

Jose Uribe  

"Founder and Creative Director of Pureblink, a leading digital creative studio in Toronto. " "Owner and creative director of Pureblink Digital Creative Agency. Jose has won several BILD Building Industry and Land Development Association awards"

Juan D Cajiao  

Comedian, Speaker & Public Speaking Coach | Motivational Speaker -

he also has a talk ted "The rewards of chasing your dreams" (TEDxTalk); "Speak with confidence"; "Resilience is the key"; "My recipe for happiness"

Angela Sierra  (winner 2021)  

"Named by the Média Mosaïque news agency, among the 20 personalities of diversity 2012., Alamo Prize for Latin Women in recognition of women of Latin origin who display their talent in Montreal in different spheres such as politics, business and entrepreneurship, radio and television, arts, sports, science and promotion of art and culture "


(philanthropist, volunteer. Community support, social leader)

Catalina Chaux - Echeverri  

"She has been an active member of the MBBI network since 2013 and is Co-Leader by the MBBI-Colombia Project. She is an accredited lawyer, professional trainer, and specialist in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) who works to end the cycles of violence in the communities focusing on youth. She works with three independent youth organizations to positively impact children's lives, teaching valuable cross-cultural understanding, resilience, and conflict management skills "

Paola Castaño  

"She has received and Above a Beyond recognition for her outstanding contributions to the TD Bank Latinos in Leadership as the lead of the Events in 2021. Latinos in Leadership is one of the most well known Employee Resource group within TD Bank. She led the team of TD employees from Canada and US to deliver the best summit in Latinos in Leadership history as per survey from participants and TD Executives "

Julio Quiceno  

"Julio is a person who selflessly helped me upon my arrival in Canada in the process of adapting to the country. He also explained the intricacies of working in Canada, which was very important in my job search process. I am sure that just as he has done with me, he has done it with many people, clearly showing the values of a “Javeriano”: honesty, respect and fairness. 

Nathalia Guerrero Vélez  

" She migrated to Canada in 2003 and since then has been a volunteer with human rights organizations such as Amnesty International. She has worked for more than ten years with the Canadian Red Cross and Doctors without Borders in countries of great need in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. She has spent many years sharing the wealth of these experiences - through conferences - with children, students, and adults in Canada. Today she is the general director of the Center d'action bénévole de Cowansville, and through this involvement, she continues to help those who need it most. She also writes articles in a local newspaper to sensitize and make known immigrants living in her region."

Ángela Sierra  

"In October 2012, the Latin American Chamber of Commerce of Quebec named Angela Sierra a finalist among 20 candidates in the Active Leadership category of the Entrepreneurship Contest with which the Chamber honours members of the Province's business community" 

Francisco Garzón  (winner 2021) 

"I think that Francisco’s work with his foundation is very admirable and leaves a significant mark on society. Great help to Colombian children through the drawing Alegria foundation. For all his work with the Hispanic community, Javerianos in Canada and more recently, all the work related to Drawing Alegria, a charity that has given the gift of smiling to more than 700 children in Colombia. He is a person with a vocation of service, establish networks and social support. He leads campaigns in Colombia with the Drawing Alegría Foundation to give children the possibility of having surgery. I feel that the essence of him is to help"


(Employee, Corporate Leader)

Catalina Chaux - Echeverri  

"Catalina is a trilingual mediator, bridging the cultural gaps between Latin America and North America. She now lives in Canada and works with three independent youth organizations to have a positive impact on children's lives from the beginning, teaching valuable cross-cultural understanding, resilience and conflict management skills"

Jose Uribe  

" Founder and Creative Director of Pureblink, a leading digital creative studio in Toronto. he pursued a Masters Degree in Architecture with a focus on film from the University of Toronto. Owner and creative director of Pureblink Digital Creative Agency. Jose has won several BILD Building Industry and Land Development Association awards

Luis Angarita

"He is an upright person and professional who is always concerned with promoting Design and contributing to the formation of the pool of future designers in worldwide. Luis has been recognized with some of the most important design and innovation awards in the world, such as the Red Dot Design Award, the Montreal Arts and Business Personality Award, Innovators of America, among others.'"

*As a current member of the JAVCA board of directors, although Luis was nominated, he cannot be chosen to receive the JAVCA award 2021.

Laura Bejarano Granados  

"During her last five years living in Canada, Laura has demonstrated her “Javeriana” values and professional capabilities. She started from nothing to become an excellent leader and speaker in her industry."

Juan Pablo Rincón  

"It has been a great example of persistence and success. He emigrated as a Colombian lawyer like many professionals with many expectations and dreams, being a professional in one of the most difficult disciplines to validate in Canada. With great success, he completed his studies at the University of Ottawa and obtained his license as a Canadian lawyer

*As a current member of the JAVCA board of directors, although Juan was nominated, he cannot be chosen to receive the JAVCA award 2021.

Juan Valbuena  

"Established cybersecurity leader with over 20 years of experience designing, implementing and leading security and risk management programs in Canada, the UK and Northern Europe in the financial services, mining and transportation sectors.

Juan is a leader in the cybersecurity area in Canada, with a high level of leadership specializing in the delivery of strategic and tactical programs "

Alex Jadad  

"He is also the creator of the Jadad Scale, the first validated instrument to assess the quality of controlled clinical trials, and of tools to enable team members to improve and protect their own mental health and well-being, and achieve the highest level of performance in their organizations"

"In 2020, building on the experience with this integrated healthcare service network, he spearheaded the incubation of an ecosystem for sustainable well-being in collaboration with a non-profit entity serving over four million people affiliated with 95,000 organizations" 

Tatiana Carrascal (winner 2021) 

"An Excellent professional who proudly represents the Latino community and the women who have scaled the corporate ladder. Tatiana has always demonstrated a high ethical and professional level, confirming the positive results of having a clear vision of life supported by solid personal and professional values."

* To be nominated for the JAVCA AWARD, the minimum requirement is that you have graduated from an undergraduate or graduate program from the Javeriana University and that your primary residence is in Canada

* JAVCA will only publish the nominees on which it has been able to validate complete data of both the person who nominates and the nominee and verify that they meet the conditions to be nominated for the JAVCA AWARD

* ANYONE can propose a nominee to the JAVCA award. It is NOT REQUIRED to be an alumnus or a member of JAVCA.

* The 2021 winners will be chosen according to the number and quality of the nominations received and the consent of the JAVCA  board of directors in Canada, which would analyze all the applications and select the winners on a special private session held in November 24, 2021.

In addition to receiving the JAVCA AWARD 2021, the winners will be promoted throughout the year on our website, events and every month on our social networks to increase their visibility and recognize their work in Canada